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Why are five-star hotels not afraid to "pick stars"?

2019/8/31 14:27:57
In August, the National Tourism Star Hotel Assessment Committee issued a bulletin announcing that five hotels would be disqualified from five-star hotels, but few responded. The hotel is silent, not to mention that it needs to be rectified. This is not a case. In April this year, the National Tourism Star Hotel Assessment Committee cancelled the qualification of eight five-star hotels because of serious health and fire safety problems and prominent service irregularities. After such a long time, there is no statement of rectification. The hotel is completely indifferent.
Five-star hotels are not scarce resources in the current hotel industry more than ten years ago. There are five-star hotels in the general third-and fourth-tier cities, and five-star hotels in the first-and second-tier cities are piled up. What's more, the price and the level of software and hardware of 5-star hotels are also very different. In this case, star-rated hotels can't stand out from the competition of hotels. This also makes hotels more and more indifferent to star rating.
At the same time, more and more hotels choose to "pick stars" or not. This aspect is influenced by the strict management of the "Eight Provisions" and "Three Public Funds" of the Central Committee. If it is a five-star hotel, it is difficult for them to receive large-scale meetings from the government or organizations, as well as various official receptions. However, Conference business is one of the main businesses of 5-star hotels, so in this case, many hotels choose to take the initiative to pick stars and reduce prices to get the market.
While star rating has become "painless and itchy", the status of consumer rating is getting higher and higher for hotels. Internet word-of-mouth has become the dominant factor affecting consumer booking hotel. In the case that consumers generally adopt all kinds of website booking and APP booking, other consumers'word-of-mouth and scores have become an important basis for consumers to choose hotels. The role and status of online comment in the hotel industry chain ecology is becoming more and more important. Yes.
When a well-known tourism website seeks to go public, it regards its 21 million hotel "real comments" as its core resources. For hotels, mercenary salesmen have been the norm in the industry for their high praise, paid high praise and stolen high praise. The author has met many "activities" such as "praise promotion" and "praise dinner delivery".
In order to make the punishment of "star-picking" attract the attention of the hotel again and improve the service quality, it is necessary to make the hotel feel pain besides "star-picking", that is, to link the punishment with its economic income. Specifically, Hotels with star-picking penalties and renovation periods may not undertake large-scale social conferences and activities within one year, Hotels with serious fire and sanitation risks may not receive more than 20 tourists, or they may give market warning or prompts to Hotels with penalties within the scope of the law, and circulate in various online comment websites. Display.
In the long run, the development from institutional grading to consumer evaluation is a manifestation of social progress and market maturity. However, this does not mean that institutional grading can be ignored or faded out of the stage of history. Because compared with the disorder of consumer evaluation and the existence of greater moisture, institutional grading is undoubtedly more authoritative and serious. Therefore, how to organically combine the organization grading and consumer evaluation to form a more objective third-party evaluation is a problem that management departments, hotels and consumers need to think about and solve together.

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